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studiu piata bunuri de lux; indicatori financiari bunuri de lux; top companii piata bunuri de lux; evolutie piata bunuri de lux; factori de influenta piata bunuri de lux


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  • Perioada 2008-2015
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This comprehensive research evaluates the Romanian luxury market on main segments: fashion, jewelleries, cars, airplanes and air transportation, boats, perfumes and cosmetics, accessories. In order to understand the developments that took place on the Romanian market between 2008 and 2015 in the first chapter of the research is analyzed the evolution of the global market. For the international market are provided historical data for 2007-2015. Also there date regarding the global level of welfare, considering the need to shape the market demand potential.

The brief analysis of Romanian macroeconomic framework represents the starting point in evaluating and estimating the domestic market. Total value of the market and main segments were determined by a survey and interviews with major market’s players. Each segment is described through: market’s developments and features between 2008 and 2015; Top 10 most important players on the market, their financial data and indicators for a seven year period.

For deepening the research on Romanian market, an analysis on NACE codes is realized, based on values at national level (total companies that registered this activity as their core business). The companies were structured in 12 groups by turnover criterion: 0, 0-100 Th. EUR, 100-500 Th. EUR, 500 – 1,000 Th. EUR, 1-5 Mn. EUR, 5-10 Mn. EUR, 10-20 Mn. EUR, and 20-50 Mn. EUR. It is a thorough review, where financial indicators such as turnover, net profit, total debt/total assets, total number of companies, number of companies with losses vs. profits, number of employees, net profit margin are calculated and interpreted for 2008-2015.

In order to support companies on Romanian market and the ones planning to enter the market, a series of analyses were conducted (Porter Analysis, PEST Analysis and Value Chain Analysis), most important factors influencing market players’ activity were listed and recommendations for companies’ management were prescribed.

Information and data on luxury market were obtained from a variety of sources: KnightFrank, Capgemini, IPMARK, Datamonitor (for global market), National Institute of Statistics, National Commission for Prognosis, National Bank of Romania, the National Trade Register Office, surveys of main players, domestic reports analysis.

1.1. Global wealth (2007-2015)
1.2. Market analysis (2008-2015)
2.1. Landmarks of the domestic macroeconomic context (2008-2015)
2.2 . Market analysis (2008-2015)
2.3. Designer apparel (2008-2015)
2.3.1. Designer apparel – competitive landscape (2008-2015)
2.4. Luxury jewellery (2008-2015)
2.4.1. Luxury jewellery – competitive environment – Top 5 companies (2008-2015)
2.4.2. Luxury jewellery – competitive environment – Main competitor’s presentation (2008-2015)
2.5. Luxury lifestyle  (2008-2015)
2.5.1. Luxury cars – competitive environment (2008-2015)
2.5.2. Luxury charter flights – competitive landscape (2008-2015)
2.5.3. Luxury boat seller – competitive environment  (2008-2015)
2.6. Luxury beauty and personal care products (2008-2015)
2.6.1. Luxury beauty and personal care products – competitive environment (2008-2015)
2.6.2. Luxury beauty and personal care products – Main competitors presentation (2008-2015)
2.7. Luxury accessories (2008-2015)
       2.7.1. Luxury accessories – competitive environment (2008-2015)
3.1. Value chain analysis
3.2. Porter analysis
3.3. PEST analysis
3.4. Factors of influence
3.5. Managerial recommendations
  1. Global wealth pyramid 2015
  2. Billionaires by region 2015 – global market
  3. Global billionaires forecast 2014-2024
  4. Global wealth distribution 2007-2015
  5. HNWI population worldwide 2008-2015
  6. Luxury market – by products – 2007-2014 – global market
  7. Luxury market – by regions – 2007-2014 – global market
  8. GDP dynamic 2008-2015 – Romanian market
  9. Consumer price index 2007-2015 – Romanian
  10. Unemployment vs average net income – 2007-2015 – Romanian market
  11. Exchange rate dynamic – 2008-2015 – Romanian market
  12. Romania ultra wealth population 2009-2015
  13. Wealth level in Romania 2011-2015
  14. Romanian luxury market 2011-2015
  15. Jewellery global market 2009-2015
  16. Local jewellery market 2009-2015 – Romanian market
  17. New cares registered 2007-2015 – Romanian market
  18. Luxury cars auto park – 2012 – 2015 – Romanian market
  19. Luxury share in air transport market – 2015 – Romanian market
  20. Weight of each player in Top 5 companies on the Luxury jewellery & Luxury beauty and personal care products market segments 2008-2015
  21. Turnover / employee (top companies) 2008-2015 for each market segment – Romanian market
  22. Net profit / employee (top companies) 2008-2015 for each market segment – Romanian market
  23. Each company weight in total number of employees of top 5 players 2008-2015 (Luxury jewellery &Luxury beauty and personal care products)
  24. Each company’s weight in Top 5 cumulated turnover 2008-2015 (Luxury jewellery &Luxury beauty and personal care products)
  25. Each company turnover/employee and net profit/ employee 2008-2015 (Luxury jewellery &Luxury beauty and personal care products)
  1. Luxury market investments – global market
  2. Romanian global status 2008-2015
  3. Luxury products importers 2015 – Romanian market
  4. Main boat sellers – Romanian market
  5. Main players – luxury beauty and care products 2014-2015 – Romanian market
  6. Multi-brand stores for accessories
  7. Financial data of players 2008-2015 for each market segment


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